Moondog Digital LLC CD and DVD Ripping Services and Software

Service Process Overview
Shipping supplies are sent to you

Collection is packed and returned via pre-paid and insured FedEx

Music is loaded on Adagio Server, DVDRoms, or Hard Drive

Music and digital files are returned to you - System Loaded!

Now Loading!

Moondog is certified.

Are you in the middle of a large Crestron installation and need someone to load your AdagioŽ Audio Server (AAS)?
Loading an Adagio System for your client can be a time consuming process. Allow Moondog Digital to handle your next job efficiently and professionally. Moondog Digital has the experience and processes necessary to handle any size CD loading project.
Our Crestron Loading Service will provide:
Insurance INCLUDED
Speed 8-15 times faster than manual
Call 888-CDS-2MP3 (issue) or write for your quote today!
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